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Bendini Building

This is located on Front Street in Memphis, Tennessee. It was purchased and renovated by the owner himself.

Memphis, Tennessee

This is where the majority of the story takes place and where the Bendini Building is located.

Chicago, Illinois

This is where the Morolto family operates.

Cayman Islands

This is a good location for business transactions because it has a tax free policy and is known for its secrecy.

Condo Unit A

This is the location Bendini employees use when visiting the islands for business. It includes a room that stores multiple file cabinets, each filled with confidential business documents.

Condo Unit B

This is the location Bendini employees use when visiting the Cayman Islands for vacation. It lacks the file storage area.


This is the name of a tourist bar on Grand Cayman Island. Locals and tourists alike drink Red Stripe beer at this...

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