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Chapters 1-4

• A lawyer called Royce McKnight reviews the resume of a recent law school graduate called Mitchell McDeere. What he sees impresses him. Mitch graduated in the top five at Harvard.

• Mitch arrives at the interview. He is confident because he already had been offered work at places on Wall Street and knows the Firm wants him more than he could ever want them. However, the management woos Mitch by telling him the many perks the company has to offer, including the likelihood he will become a millionaire if he stays with the company for ten years.
• Mitch and his wife, Abby, arrive in Memphis. While Abby befriends a woman called Kay, Mitch is shown around the Bendini building by Kay's husband, Lamar. Lamar tells Mitch the company has a strict no drinking policy, plus they only hire old secretaries so as not to tempt anyone into...

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