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A Hessian's Viewpoint

Rewrite a scene from the book from the point of view of the young Hessian. Describe his thoughts and feelings about holding Jonathan prisoner.

Costume Party

Come to class dressed as one of the characters from the book. If you choose a soldier, be sure your uniform is authentic.

Current Events Comparison

Bring in articles about current wars around the globe, and discuss how they are similar to and different from the Revolutionary War.

German Word Search Puzzle

Use the German vocabulary in the back of the book to create a word search. Include a list of the words translated into English.

Revolutionary War Artillery

Research the weaponry used in the Revolutionary War on the internet, and create a Powerpoint presentation.

Foods of the Revolutionary War Period

Research the foods the characters in the book might have eaten, and prepare a class feast.

Role-playing the Corporal

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