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Essay Topic 1

In what ways is this book a coming-of-age story? What are the major events that cause Jonathan to change from a child to an adult, and how do these changes manifest in him? How is he different before and after his experiences as a soldier?

Essay Topic 2

What are Jonathan's primary motives for wanting to go to war, and how do these define his character? Compare his motives to those of others such as the Corporal. What does Jonathan hope to accomplish?

Essay Topic 3

Trace Jonathan's relationship to his borrowed rifle throughout the story. What does his relationship to this object symbolize about who he is at various points in the story? Specifically, what is the symbolism of his destroying it at the end?

Essay Topic 4

Trace Jonathan's thoughts, feelings and reactions toward the Corporal throughout the book. At what points does Jonathan trust him, and...

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