Fever Pitch Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. How does Nick show his anger at his parent's divorce?

When his father first offers to take him to an Arsenal game, Nick refuses, but later watches the game on television as a way to spite him. This shows how angry he is at his parents for divorcing.

2. How does Nick get closer to his father?

Nick only sees his father about once a week and seems uncomfortable hanging out with him. Going to football games together is the first activity and perhaps only activity that draws them closer.

3. What does Nick observe at his first game for Arsenal?

Nick finds himself enthralled with the team and the amount of people who attend the game. He notices that most of the men attending seem to hate being there and hate the players.

4. How does Nick's interest in football help him to fit in at school?

In this section he starts a new school. At the same time his father takes to his first football game, igniting his interest in the sport. Through his interest, he finds he can make friends at school, in particular, swapping football stickers with his schoolmates becomes one of his hobbies.

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