Fever Pitch Character Descriptions

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Nick Hornby

This character finds he can bond with his father and his friends at school through football, and his interest quickly becomes an obsession. He is intimately familiar with the team and its players, and his moods throughout his life coincide with his team's fortunes.

Mr. Hornby

In an effort to get closer to his children, this character makes frequent trips to take them out on weekly excursions. One day, running out of things to do, he takes his son to a football game.

Mrs. Hornby

This character is understanding of her son's obsession with football and even buys him tickets and gives him rides to games when he is young.

Gil Hornby

This character tolerates Nick's obsession with football and is quick to alert him to news about the team. This character has a job with the British Broadcasting Corporation.


They are a Premier League...

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