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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was the most sought after reproductive safegaurd in the sexual revolution?
(a) Condoms.
(b) Abortions.
(c) Birth control pills.
(d) IUDs.

2. In what type of society is every voice heard, according to hooks?
(a) Patriarchal society.
(b) Neutral society.
(c) Revolutionary society.
(d) Feminist society.

3. What was the second type of new policy that hooks' claims as creating a new underclass of women and children who suffered as a result of patriarchy?
(a) Minimum wage laws.
(b) Welfare assistance.
(c) Public strike laws.
(d) Dress code policies.

4. Hooks claimed that what needs a restart?
(a) Reformist feminism.
(b) True feminism.
(c) Patriarchy.
(d) Revolutionary feminism.

5. What is defined as gaining power by the exploitation of others?
(a) Power feminism.
(b) Reformist feminism.
(c) True feminism.
(d) Intolerable feminism.

Short Answer Questions

1. When did hooks learn about feminist politics?

2. Hooks believes that young women growing up at the time the book was written will feel that what issue is no longer a problem?

3. What types of abortions have anti-abortion movement groups targeted most?

4. When feminism first began, hooks explains that which of the following was the second group feminism was split between?

5. Which university did hooks attend?

Short Essay Questions

1. What types of policies, according to hooks, caused women and children to suffer abuse at the hands of existing patriarchy?

2. What does hooks believe caused the displacement of feminist revolutionaries?

3. What effect did The Feminine Mystique have on feminism?

4. How did professors help hooks and other students?

5. Hooks claimed that in order for feminism to regain momentum, what is essential?

6. Why does hooks say that a feminist is made, not born?

7. Which women had more access to contraceptives and abortions with the onset of the sexual revolution?

8. How did hooks believe that some women actually slowed down progress?

9. According to hooks, what is the ideal situation for women in terms of reproductive rights?

10. In the 1960s, how did women show they were not constantly worried about being accepted by men for their appearance?

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