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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who, according to hooks, ended up slowing progress because they did not deal with their own internalized sexism?
(a) White women.
(b) High-profile women.
(c) Black women.
(d) Working-class women.

2. Hooks explains that which of the following is the second goal of feminism?
(a) To end exploitation of students.
(b) To end sexist exploitation.
(c) To end exploitation of children.
(d) To end exploitation of men.

3. Hooks states that the first goal of feminism is which of the following?
(a) To end racism.
(b) To begin wage wars.
(c) To end oppression of children.
(d) To end sexism.

4. How did the basic tenets of feminism emerge, as told from hooks' perspective?
(a) Through reformist and revolutionary thinking.
(b) Through discrimination and intolerance.
(c) Through faithfulness to the cause.
(d) Through debates and disagreements.

5. Who encouraged her students to think first about the fate of women from working-class backgrounds?
(a) bell hooks.
(b) Tillie Olsen.
(c) Diane Middlebrook.
(d) Abigail Adams.

6. How does hooks' "sisterhood" occur?
(a) Women must stop participating in societal patriarchy.
(b) Women must stop loving men.
(c) Women must start loving each other.
(d) Women must stop dominating each other.

7. According to hooks, women's acceptance of their bodies has allowed them to accept what process?
(a) Mothering.
(b) Education.
(c) Aging.
(d) Pregnancy.

8. What does hooks describe as one of feminism's greatest foes?
(a) Christians.
(b) Children.
(c) The "enemy within."
(d) Men.

9. Hooks claimed that for feminism to regain momentum, what must be available for the masses, especially the young?
(a) Educational opportunities.
(b) Feminist groups and clubs.
(c) Career opportunities.
(d) Literature.

10. According to hooks, who undermines the feminist movement by disingenuously making claim to it?
(a) Women of color.
(b) Women older than 50.
(c) Women of class.
(d) Women younger than 30.

11. According to the text, who runs mass media?
(a) Jewish men.
(b) Black men.
(c) Asian men.
(d) White men.

12. Hooks describes which decade as having a resurgence of obsession with appearance?
(a) 1980s.
(b) 2000s.
(c) 1990s.
(d) 1970s.

13. What is defined as gaining power by the exploitation of others?
(a) Reformist feminism.
(b) Power feminism.
(c) True feminism.
(d) Intolerable feminism.

14. Hooks claims that which of the following would diminish the necessity for abortions?
(a) Education about domestic abuse.
(b) Abstinence education.
(c) Religious groups.
(d) Access to contraceptives.

15. Hooks saw that some white leaders were at first resistant to including the struggles of what type of women in shaping feminist thought?
(a) Elderly women.
(b) Hispanic women.
(c) Teenage women.
(d) Black women.

Short Answer Questions

1. What forced the shoe industry to produce low-heeled business shoes, according to hooks?

2. Who sought out dangerous, illegal abortions, according to hooks?

3. Anorexia and compulsive overeating are both described by hooks as being diseases with roots in lack of which of the following?

4. Hooks claimed that what needs a restart?

5. According to hooks, what gave permission for female bonding?

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