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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Visionary Feminism.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to hooks, working women received mixed messages from who?
(a) Reformist thinkers.
(b) Revolutionist thinkers.
(c) Students.
(d) Men.

2. Hooks claimed that women wanted to be seen most favorably by who?
(a) Women who supported them.
(b) Men who controlled them.
(c) Their peers.
(d) Their children.

3. When some feminists within the movement sought to make the movement anti-male, what did hooks claim they deflected?
(a) Female responsibility.
(b) Male responsibility.
(c) White responsibility.
(d) Black responsibility.

4. Where are more women allegedly beaten and murdered?
(a) Inside their homes.
(b) While running daily errands.
(c) In shelters.
(d) On the streets.

5. Who sought out dangerous, illegal abortions, according to hooks?
(a) Poor and black women.
(b) Black women.
(c) White women.
(d) Minorities.

Short Answer Questions

1. Hooks describes the conservative solution for the hard life of working women as what?

2. Hooks used this term to describe the feminist view of men that is not threatening.

3. What type of women were typically reformist thinkers, in hooks' opinion?

4. Hooks claimed that she was how old when she began confronting the issue of racism and demanding change?

5. What did some members of the media do to feed into the nation's homophobia?

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