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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Feminist Masculinity.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What type of funding does hooks suggest is a goal for the feminist movement in order to read a broad and diverse audience?
(a) Feminist publishing company.
(b) Feminist websites.
(c) Feminist films.
(d) Feminist TV network.

2. According to hooks, who did the media focus on when it came to feminist issues?
(a) High-profile women.
(b) Black women.
(c) Working-class women.
(d) Students.

3. Feminist liberation can only be a reality with societal shifts in what field, according to hooks?
(a) Racial elitism.
(b) Career elitism.
(c) Educational elitism.
(d) Class elitism.

4. In the 1970s, which movement was most powerful in hooks' opinion?
(a) Reproductive rights.
(b) Sexual freedom.
(c) Equality in the workplace.
(d) Fighting oppression in the media.

5. Hooks proposed that more work needs to be done with the relationships between what kinds of women?
(a) White women in leadership and black women in leadership.
(b) Elderly white and elderly black women.
(c) White and black women in the workplace.
(d) Young white and young black girls.

Short Answer Questions

1. As a result of which group's presence, according to hooks, is male domination expected?

2. According to the text, who runs mass media?

3. According to hooks, which type of activists were among the first to put a voice to inequities in an understandable language?

4. When some feminists within the movement sought to make the movement anti-male, what did hooks claim they deflected?

5. According to hooks, what gave permission for female bonding?

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