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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Feminist Masculinity.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Hooks claims that who must fight domestic violence before it can be ended?
(a) Children and adults.
(b) Men and women.
(c) White and black women.
(d) White and black men.

2. Hooks claims there is a link between domestic violence and what?
(a) Racism.
(b) Militarism.
(c) Ageism.
(d) Socialism.

3. Who does hooks specifically say should be paid more?
(a) Stay at home mothers.
(b) Teachers.
(c) Doctors.
(d) Business women.

4. Hooks claims that which of the following would diminish the necessity for abortions?
(a) Access to contraceptives.
(b) Abstinence education.
(c) Religious groups.
(d) Education about domestic abuse.

5. What type of funding does hooks suggest is a goal for the feminist movement in order to read a broad and diverse audience?
(a) Feminist publishing company.
(b) Feminist TV network.
(c) Feminist websites.
(d) Feminist films.

Short Answer Questions

1. What type of woman seems to fill up fashion magazine advertisements, according to hooks?

2. Which type of woman does hooks describe as having the options of both contraceptives and abortions?

3. According to hooks, who lost their jobs in the 1970s?

4. Hooks claimed that what needs a restart?

5. Where does female circumcision occur as mentioned in the text?

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