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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Feminist Parenting, Liberating Marriage and Partnership, A Feminist Sexual Politic - An Ethics of Mutual Freedom.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What type of man does hooks describe as feeling unimportant and out of control?
(a) Unemployed men.
(b) Men with bad mothers.
(c) Men with well-paying jobs.
(d) Men with many children.

2. Hooks describes the conservative solution for the hard life of working women as what?
(a) Women working in their own offices.
(b) Women working in positions that require high education.
(c) Women staying home.
(d) Women working in business settings.

3. Hooks saw that some white leaders were at first resistant to including the struggles of what type of women in shaping feminist thought?
(a) Black women.
(b) Hispanic women.
(c) Elderly women.
(d) Teenage women.

4. In the 1970s, which movement was most powerful in hooks' opinion?
(a) Fighting oppression in the media.
(b) Reproductive rights.
(c) Sexual freedom.
(d) Equality in the workplace.

5. What did hooks see as the basis that would ultimately undermine sexism and overthrow patriarchy?
(a) Upper class women.
(b) Sisterhood.
(c) The bonding of the working-class women.
(d) Children.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to hooks, who undermines the feminist movement by disingenuously making claim to it?

2. Many feared that radical feminists wanted men to become which of the following?

3. The feminist movement urged universities to rediscover what related to women and include it in their curriculum?

4. Hooks describes risky cosmetic surgery as occurring where?

5. Which field did hooks claim the reformist movement focused on?

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