Fear: Trump in the White House Short Essay - Answer Key

Bob Woodward
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1. What does the staff secretary do for the President?

He or she manages the flow of paper to the President of the United States and circulates documents to senior staff for review and comments.

2. What is KORUS?

KORUS stands for The United States-Korean Free Trade Agreement and is a trade agreement that eliminates or regulates the tariffs on the goods of both countries.

3. Who did Donald Trump put in charge of his presidential campaign?

Kellyanne Conway was asked to manage Trump's campaign. She has experience in politics and continues to be an advisor valued by President Trump.

4. What did Bannon and Bossie recognize about Trump's political understanding during their 2010 meeting?

Donald Trump had no understanding of the basics of the political process.

5. What were the three core themes for Donald Trump's campaign?

1. Stop mass illegal immigration and limit legal immigration.2. Bring manufacturing jobs back to the United States.3. Get America out of pointless foreign wars.

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