Fear: Trump in the White House Fun Activities

Bob Woodward
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The Resolute Desk

Research the origins of the Resolute Desk and where it is today. Provide a written history of the desk and include drawings or photos of the desk. You may also build a miniature of the desk. Why is this such an important White House artifact? What does it represent?

Who's Who

Create an organizational chart that includes the President, Vice President, and the members of the president's cabinet. Label each position, the individual who currently holds the office, and a picture of each cabinet member. On the organization chart, or on a separate piece of paper, write a sentence describing what each cabinet member does.

How to Run A Political Campaign

Research how a political campaign is created and executed. The campaign can be for a local or national office such as a mayor, or a national campaign for the House or Senate. Determine who...

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