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Short Answer Questions

1. In Act IV, what do the clouds eventually transform into in Scene 1?

2. What does Maia steal from Zeus?

3. Who does the archbishop accuse the emperor of being in league with in Scene 3 of Act IV?

4. What power does Mephistopheles first offer Faust in Scene 1 of Act IV?

5. In the beginning of Act IV, what form do the clouds take on first?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the landscape of Arcadia as in Act III?

2. What are the fears of the emperor at the conclusion of Act IV?

3. Why is Faust's castle so alien to Helen?

4. Why does Helen leave Faust at the end of Act III?

5. What action does the emperor take towards his aides and marshals in Scene 3 of Act IV?

6. Initially after the battle how does the emperor feel in Act IV?

7. What is the attitude of the chorus towards Faust in Scene 2 of Act III?

8. How does Mephistopheles treat Helen's servants in Scene 1 of Act III?

9. What does Faust claim as his true desire to Mephistopheles in Scene 1 of Act IV?

10. How does the chorus feel in regards to Arcadia in Act III?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Throughout Faust, Goethe uses imagery as a metaphor for the plot and character development. Give three specific examples of these metaphors and how they relate specific actions in the plot and/or character development. Discuss why or why not they are effective as literary tools augmenting the general action.

Essay Topic 2

What relationship between the classical and the modern does Goethe portray when he shifts from utilizing formal elements of Greek tragedy in his writing style of Act 2 and 3 and then utilizes more modern literary devices to describe the battle in Act 4. Using specific textual evidence discuss how Goethe draws attention to the juxtaposition of these two literary traditions.

Essay Topic 3

While Faust Part II would have been more accessible to the reader of the day, Goethe does still set forth some themes that are pertinent to today's society. Select at least on main theme discussed in Faust and show how it is an apt metaphor for contemporary society today.

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