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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Menelaus order Helen to do before he left her in Scene 1 of Act III?
(a) Take a vow of silence.
(b) Bathe and robe herself.
(c) Prepare a sacrifical hearth.
(d) Prepare a feast for his return.

2. What is Helen afraid of in Scene 1 of Act III?
(a) She is afraid of being sacrificed by Menelaus.
(b) She is afraid of being attacked by disgruntled servants.
(c) She is afraid she will never again see Paris.
(d) She is afraid of losing her beauty.

3. Who is the ruler of the hiding place that Mephistopheles suggests to Helen?
(a) Menelaus.
(b) Zeus.
(c) Faust.
(d) Hades.

4. When Mephistopheles asks Faust what he desires in Scene 1 of Act IV, how does Faust respond?
(a) Faust tells Mephistopheles to guess his desires.
(b) Faust tells Mephistopheles he desires earthly powers.
(c) Faust refuses to respond to Mephistopheles's question.
(d) Faust claims he does not desire anything.

5. Who supposed to seal the royal documents in Scene 3 of Act IV?
(a) The Arch-bishop.
(b) The Chancery.
(c) The emperor.
(d) Faust.

Short Answer Questions

1. What remains of Euphorion after his fall?

2. In Act IV, what do the clouds eventually transform into in Scene 1?

3. What country is the setting of Scene 1 in Act III?

4. What is the name of Faust's lookout?

5. Where does Mephistopheles suggest that Helen should hide at the end of Scene 1 of Act III?

Short Essay Questions

1. What nostalgic tale does Mephistopheles recount in Act IV?

2. What are the fears of the emperor at the conclusion of Act IV?

3. How was Faust transported in the beginning of Act IV?

4. How are the heralds sent by the emperor to the rival emperor received in Scene 2 of Act IV?

5. How does the chorus feel in regards to Arcadia in Act III?

6. What plan is the current general describing to the emperor at the beginning of Scene 2 in Act IV?

7. How does Mephistopheles treat Helen's servants in Scene 1 of Act III?

8. What does the chorus transform into at the end of Act III?

9. What prompts Euphorion to climb to great heights and fly?

10. Describe the setting of Scene 3 of Act IV.

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