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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the name of the son of Helen and Faust?
(a) Lynceus.
(b) Euphorion.
(c) Phorkyas.
(d) Icarus.

2. In Act IV, what do the clouds eventually transform into in Scene 1?
(a) The form of a dove.
(b) They completely evaporate and are formless.
(c) The form of Gretchen.
(d) The form of Euphorion.

3. At the end of Act IV, what is the outlook of the emperor in regards to his kingdom?
(a) He fears it will be ruined by extortion of the church.
(b) He is hopeful it will prosper.
(c) He thinks things wil go back to how they were before the war.
(d) He fears it will be conquered by another rival.

4. What prohibits Speed-booty and Havequick from packing away a pile of gold on their backs?
(a) A hole in the apron they pack the gold in.
(b) The weight of the gold is too much to lift.
(c) They trip over some ropes and become entangled in the tent.
(d) They become weak from the fighting and have to rest.

5. What event are the advisers of the emperor excited to plan in Scene 3 of Act IV?
(a) A triumphant parade.
(b) A victory banquet.
(c) A masked ball.
(d) A trial for the prisoners of war.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Faust land at the beginning of Act IV?

2. What does the chorus cry as Euphorion falls?

3. What does the archbishop want the emperor to build on the land near the battlefield?

4. What follows Mephistopheles and Helen as they flee at the end of Scene 1 in Act III?

5. What does Helen ask Faust to teach her in Scene 2 of Act III?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the attitude of the chorus towards Faust in Scene 2 of Act III?

2. What does Faust claim as his true desire to Mephistopheles in Scene 1 of Act IV?

3. Why is Faust's castle so alien to Helen?

4. How was Faust transported in the beginning of Act IV?

5. Why does Helen leave Faust at the end of Act III?

6. How does the chorus describe Mephistopheles' appearance in Scene 1 of Act III?

7. How does the archbishop convince the emperor to give power to the church at the end of Act IV?

8. What does the chorus transform into at the end of Act III?

9. How does the chorus feel in regards to Arcadia in Act III?

10. What nostalgic tale does Mephistopheles recount in Act IV?

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