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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Wagner successful in creating the homunculus in Scene II of Act II?
(a) He is not successful in creating the homunculus.
(b) He has several students assisting him.
(c) He is aided by Mephistopheles.
(d) He uses a new procedure.

2. What is the setting of Scene 4 in Act I?
(a) The countryside.
(b) The pleasure gardens of the imperial court.
(c) The cathedral.
(d) The city center and site of the Carnvial celebration.

3. What does Mephistopheles cure the blonde woman of in Scene 6 of Act I?
(a) Depression.
(b) Insomnia.
(c) Lice.
(d) Freckles.

4. Which despicable and noxious creatures does Mephistopheles eventually find as the true embodiment of ugliness in Act II?
(a) Phorkyads.
(b) Giants.
(c) Pigmies.
(d) Cabiri.

5. What is the name of the shape-shifting god of forms, who homunculus is advised to seek out in the end of Scene 3 in Act II?
(a) Phoenix.
(b) Proteus.
(c) Gaius.
(d) Galatea.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the job of Nereus?

2. Who was an earlier student of Faust that now works as his assistant?

3. Where does the prophetess instruct Faust to look for Helen in Act iI?

4. Who must Faust go to, in order to conjure Helen and Paris?

5. What two "orders" support the throne, according to the Chancellor in Scene 2 of Act I?

Short Essay Questions

1. In the philosophical debate featured in Scene 3 of Act II, what does Thales believe is the origin and basis of nature and matter?

2. Why is Mephistopheles unable to see into Faust's dreams?

3. What does the homunculus say that Faust is dreaming of in Scene 2 of Act II?

4. What advice does Mephistopheles give to the young page who is having trouble attracting women in Act I?

5. What does the Chancellor say about the judge "who cannot punish crime" in Scene 2?

6. What is the primary focus and pursuit of the emperor?

7. Why is Mephistopheles upset that Faust tells the emperor he can conjure the spirits of Helen and Paris?

8. Describe the pleasing landscape that Faust finds himself in at the beginning of this work (Act I).

9. What dichotomy is alluded to between the court of the emperor and the people of the kingdom in Scene 2?

10. In the philosophical debate featured in Scene 3 of Act II, what does Anaxagoras believe is the origin and basis of nature and matter?

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