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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which group of people does Baccalaureus feel should be shot?
(a) Inexperienced youth.
(b) All professors.
(c) Men over thirty.
(d) Single females.

2. Who does the archbishop accuse the emperor of being in league with in Scene 3 of Act IV?
(a) Satan.
(b) Faust.
(c) He makes no accusation towards the emperor.
(d) The rival emperor.

3. Who first discovers Speed-booty and Havequick trying to plunder the emperor's things?
(a) Mephistopheles.
(b) The arch-marshal.
(c) Halberdiers.
(d) Lariel.

4. Why is Wagner successful in creating the homunculus in Scene II of Act II?
(a) He is aided by Mephistopheles.
(b) He uses a new procedure.
(c) He is not successful in creating the homunculus.
(d) He has several students assisting him.

5. Who does Faust claim sent him to the emperor?
(a) He claims he was sent by a wizard.
(b) He claims he was sent by the rival emperor.
(c) He claims he was sent by Zeus.
(d) He does not say who sent him.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Faust declare Lynceus's life forfeit?

2. What does Maia steal from Ares?

3. Who is not one of the aides to Faust in Act IV?

4. What does Mephistopheles conjure in the battle to help the emperor in Act IV?

5. What is Faust wearing when he first meets with the emperor in Act IV?

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