Objects & Places from Faust. Part Two

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Sparta - This is an ancient kingdom ruled by Menelaus at the time of the Trojan War.

Medieval Castle - This place represents the style of 16th century Germany, gloomy but stout.

Arcadia - This is the place Helen and Faust retreat to have their son.

Helen's veil - This object which magically transports Faust to a mountaintop before turning into a cloud.

Phalanx - This is a Greek military organizational unit.

Paper Money - This object was a relatively new invention in Goethe's time.

Theorboes - A type of bass lute used in the Mardi Gras Scene.

St. Elmo's Fire - A bright electrical discharge similar to lightning that can encase objects in certain circumstances.

Thessaly - A place where Faust and Mephistopheles travel that witches and vampires inhabit.

Aegean Sea - This place is adjacent to the Mediterranean sea and east of Greece.

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