Faust. Part Two Character Descriptions

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Faust - This character sells his soul to the devil and in return receives knowledge and experience.

Mephistopheles - This character is the devil.

Helen - This character is said to be the most beautiful woman in the world.

Lynceus - This character is the lookout for Faust and several times warns him of oncoming danger.

Philemon - This character lives in the cottage and maintains the church near Faust's land.

Baucis - This character dies of fright with her husband.

Anaxagoras - This character is a Greek philosopher who believed the world was ruled by nous or mind.

Thales - This character is a philosopher who believed that everything was ultimately made of water.

Wagner - This character takes over Faust's position at the university.

Homunculus - This literally means "little man" in Latin.

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