Objects & Places from Fatherland

Robert Harris (novelist)
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The Havel - This is the lake where Joseph Buhler's corpse is found.

Werderscher-Markt - The location of the Kripo headquarters.

The SS - The military police force in Adolf Hitler's Nazi Germany.

The Schwanenwerder - An exclusive area of Berlin located near the Havel River.

The Great Hall - Used for solemn ceremonies of the Third Reich, and its imposing dome can be seen from most vantage points in Berlin.

The Reich Chancellery - The personal residence of the Fuhrer, Adolf Hitler.

Swiss Chocolate - March finds a box of these in Buhler's mailbox and in Stuckart's apartment and mails some to Max from the Zurich airport.

Zaugg & Cie., Bankers - It is located at Bahnhof-Strasse 44 in Zurich, Switzerland.

Concentration Camps - These were constructed in Germany during World War II as the sites for the mass extermination of Jewish people.

Luther's Bag - Luther uses...

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