Fatherland Character Descriptions

Robert Harris (novelist)
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Xavier March

He is the main character and a detective in the German Kriminalpolizei (Kripo). He was one of the youngest U-boat commanders in the Reich.

Max Jaeger

This character is described as a shambling, untidy hulk of a man. His nickname is the Bear.

Charlotte (Charlie) Maguire

This character is a twenty-five-year-old American journalist living in Berlin.

Josef Buhler

This character's body is found in a lake at the beginning of the novel.

Globus, (Odilo Globocnik)

This character is the Gestapo officer heading the investigation of Buhler's death. He arrests and severely tortures March.

Hermann Jost

This character is the young cadet who finds Buhler's body in the lake while jogging one morning.

Pili March

He is Xavier's son.

Martin Luther

He is a high ranking German officer who disappears. He is married to his third wife.

Wilhelm Stuckart

This character is a high ranking government official...

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