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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why can't Jeanne participate in the odori lessons?
(a) She doesn't speak Japanese
(b) She thinks it is too Japanese
(c) She is too tall
(d) Her father doesn't want her too

2. What hobby does Papa begin to do?
(a) Songwriting
(b) Curling
(c) Carving furniture
(d) Weight lifting

3. What does Jeanne fear as the camps close?
(a) Leaving her friends
(b) The future
(c) Living on the East Coast
(d) Having to stay at the camp

4. By the end of 1944, about how many people are left at Manzanar?
(a) 6,000
(b) 700
(c) 10,000
(d) 2,500

5. Jeanne goes to the first campground when she is in what grade?
(a) Eigth
(b) Fourth
(c) First
(d) Tenth

6. What is Jeanne's return to school and outside life like?
(a) Surprising
(b) Good
(c) Difficult
(d) Easy

7. Who breaks the dam of Jeanne's memories about Manzanar?
(a) Jeanne's husband
(b) Papa
(c) A camp official
(d) A Caucasian photographer from the camps

8. What reaction does Jeanne and her family get from others?
(a) Gratitude
(b) Hatred
(c) Outrage
(d) Indifference

9. What is the greatest difficulty that the family faces in L.A.?
(a) Finding their way around town
(b) Finding somewhere to live
(c) Jeanne getting into school
(d) Getting their possessions out of storage

10. Where does Papa lease land?
(a) Oregon
(b) San Lucia
(c) Santa Clara Valley
(d) Sacramento

11. Where does the family find housing?
(a) A house
(b) A barn
(c) An apartment
(d) A trailer

12. What does Jeanne explore that her father is against?
(a) Modeling
(b) Odori
(c) Ballet
(d) Catholicism

13. What would Jeanne be horrified about if anyone asked her out on a date?
(a) Her Japanese ancestry
(b) Papa's behavior
(c) The apartment the family lives in
(d) Her lack of money

14. How does Jeanne perceive Manzanar?
(a) Something to talk to others about
(b) A rally cry to change the laws
(c) A reason to be filled with shame
(d) A great part of her history

15. Jeanne feels sorry for the teacher of which lessons?
(a) Baton twirling
(b) Ballet
(c) Catholicism
(d) Odori

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Papa decide that the family is going to travel back to Los Angeles?

2. What hobby does Jeanne try that she comes to believe is a horrible abuse of the body?

3. How does Jeanne's family react to the news that the camps are closing?

4. Who is Jeanne close to in her younger years?

5. What does Mama announce to Papa and Jeanne?

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