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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the family make a down payment on just before Pearl Harbor?
(a) A car
(b) A boat
(c) A house
(d) A farm

2. Papa finally leaves the barracks to do what?
(a) Join the Armed Forces
(b) Find a job in Nebraska
(c) Attend the meeting on the Oath
(d) Find Woody when he disappears

3. What school does Papa enter?
(a) University of Washington
(b) Princeton
(c) UCLA
(d) University of Idaho

4. When did Jeanne's father come to the United States?
(a) 1908
(b) 1895
(c) 1936
(d) 1940

5. What occurs exactly one year after Pearl Harbor?
(a) The United States enters the war
(b) Papa dies of a heart attack
(c) Japan's surrender
(d) The December Riot

6. At Fort Lincoln, what did Papa work as?
(a) A chaplain
(b) A cook
(c) An interviewer
(d) A guard

7. What does Papa demand?
(a) A bed for himself
(b) Woody to leave the family's unit
(c) An apology
(d) Extra rice and cans of fruit

8. What do the other people at the camp consider Papa to be?
(a) A unionist
(b) A collaborator
(c) A criminal
(d) A hero

9. What does "Inu" mean?
(a) Dog
(b) Weak
(c) Hero
(d) Ugly

10. The anti-American Japanese want what?
(a) The camp to revolt
(b) The campt to stage a massive escape
(c) A No No vote
(d) A Yes Yes vote

11. What do many Americans fear that all Japanese are doing?
(a) Providing information to Germany
(b) Plotting to kill the president
(c) Planting bombs in Hawaii
(d) Spying on the United States

12. Who is the first person to run to Papa when the family sees him?
(a) Mama
(b) Kiyo
(c) Jeanne
(d) Woody

13. Many people in the camp become sick because of what reason?
(a) A lack of water
(b) Spoiled food
(c) Too much food
(d) High temperatures

14. Heavy doses of what leave Jeanne sick?
(a) Typhoid immunizations
(b) Antacids
(c) Mercury
(d) Flu medications

15. What is a common condition in the camp?
(a) Ringworm
(b) The Manzanar runs
(c) Obesity
(d) Typhoid

Short Answer Questions

1. Why are the Japanese held in Manzanar?

2. Of what is Jeanne's father accused?

3. To what does Jeanne attribute her father's actions?

4. The government requires that everyone seventeen or older signs what type of document?

5. Why does the Navy make the Japanese families move away from Terminal Island?

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