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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What humiliates Jeanne's mother?
(a) Having to live with her son
(b) Having to sell valuable items for next to nothing
(c) Having to watch Jeanne act "white"
(d) Being the only Asian on Terminal Island

2. Why do the others think that Papa informed on the other men?
(a) He is released earlier than the others
(b) He lives in Ocean Park
(c) Someone hears Papa informing
(d) He is given a medal by the government

3. What can't Papa do?
(a) Go back to Japan
(b) Work on a fishing boat
(c) Become a citizen of the United States
(d) Send his children to school

4. What crowds the barracks?
(a) Papa's dark mood
(b) Mama's sadness
(c) Kiyo's friend Daniel
(d) Woody's two children

5. How long is Kiyo gone from the family barracks?
(a) Two weeks
(b) Three months
(c) One week
(d) Three days

6. With what is Papa charged?
(a) Sending messages to the Japanese military
(b) Spying on the Long Beach Navel station
(c) Plotting to bomb
(d) Delivering oil to Japanese submarines

7. People can leave the camps and move inland if they do what?
(a) Give information on another Japanese person
(b) Sign a green card
(c) Find a job and a sponsor
(d) Sign up for the military

8. Who arrives at the camp to take care of the orphans?
(a) Nuns
(b) The Red Cross
(c) Teachers
(d) A group of Japanese Americans from Nebraska

9. Who works on the walls with Kiyo?
(a) Woody
(b) Jeanne
(c) Ryan
(d) Daniel

10. Who does Jeanne think the internees look like in the surplus clothing?
(a) Franklin Delano Roosevelt
(b) James Dean
(c) Clark Gable
(d) Charlie Chaplin

11. What do Jeanne and the other women go to do?
(a) Pick oranges in the orchard
(b) Shop at the market
(c) Wash laundry
(d) See off the fishing fleet

12. What does Jeanne's father burn?
(a) Papers on his Japanese military service
(b) Their tea set
(c) Papers identifying him as a native Japanese
(d) Jeanne's birth certificate

13. What song does Papa sing?
(a) The Battle Hymn of the Republic
(b) It's a Small World
(c) The Japanese national anthem
(d) The United States national anthem

14. To what does Jeanne attribute her father's actions?
(a) Because he has to live with other Japanese
(b) Because his family is behind barbed wire
(c) Because he fears Mama's in love with someone else
(d) Because he wants to return to Japan

15. What does Papa demand?
(a) A bed for himself
(b) Extra rice and cans of fruit
(c) Woody to leave the family's unit
(d) An apology

Short Answer Questions

1. Papa finally leaves the barracks to do what?

2. What is a common condition in the camp?

3. Where is Papa held while he is in custody?

4. What word best describes the first month at Manzanar?

5. Where is Wakatsuki Ko interviewed?

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