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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do the other people at the camp consider Papa to be?
(a) A unionist
(b) A hero
(c) A criminal
(d) A collaborator

2. What does the man at the cannery shout?
(a) Hitler is killed
(b) A submarine is captured in New York
(c) The United States is going to war
(d) Pearl Harbor is bombed

3. What does "Inu" mean?
(a) Weak
(b) Ugly
(c) Hero
(d) Dog

4. What do many Americans fear that all Japanese are doing?
(a) Providing information to Germany
(b) Plotting to kill the president
(c) Spying on the United States
(d) Planting bombs in Hawaii

5. What helps the family get through the difficult circumstances?
(a) Money
(b) Prayer
(c) Laughter
(d) Faith

6. Who works on the walls with Kiyo?
(a) Ryan
(b) Daniel
(c) Woody
(d) Jeanne

7. What is the greatest humiliation in the camps?
(a) Racism
(b) Lack of schools
(c) Lack of privacy
(d) Lack of trust

8. What is a common condition in the camp?
(a) The Manzanar runs
(b) Obesity
(c) Typhoid
(d) Ringworm

9. With what is Papa charged?
(a) Spying on the Long Beach Navel station
(b) Plotting to bomb
(c) Sending messages to the Japanese military
(d) Delivering oil to Japanese submarines

10. For what reason does Mama need money?
(a) To pay the mortgage on the house on Terminal Island
(b) To pay the monthly fee on the warehouse where the furniture is stored
(c) To pay for Papa's release from prison
(d) To buy extra food for the family in the camps

11. When Papa is interviewed, he is what?
(a) A prisoner
(b) An accountant
(c) A spy
(d) A private in the Army

12. Who is the first person to run to Papa when the family sees him?
(a) Mama
(b) Woody
(c) Kiyo
(d) Jeanne

13. Why does Papa leave Japan?
(a) Japan is in a severe depression
(b) He needs to escape the law
(c) He fights with his father
(d) Mama is in California

14. What is the most disturbing and disgraceful situation for most men held at Manzanar?
(a) The lack of freedom
(b) The charge of disloyalty
(c) The oversized clothing
(d) The family disintegration

15. What is true about Papa?
(a) He doesn't like excuses
(b) He's not interested in making it big
(c) He never finishes anything he starts
(d) Mama's family loved him

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the family make a down payment on just before Pearl Harbor?

2. What occurs exactly one year after Pearl Harbor?

3. What school does Papa enter?

4. The interview of Wakatsuki Ko shows he is what kind of man?

5. What does Papa demand?

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