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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When the family arrives at the camp, what obscures their vision of it?
(a) A rainstorm
(b) Their blindfolds
(c) Fog
(d) Blowing sand

2. How old is Jeanne when she reaches the camp?
(a) 3
(b) 18
(c) 7
(d) 12

3. People can leave the camps and move inland if they do what?
(a) Give information on another Japanese person
(b) Sign a green card
(c) Sign up for the military
(d) Find a job and a sponsor

4. When did Jeanne's father come to the United States?
(a) 1908
(b) 1936
(c) 1895
(d) 1940

5. What word best describes the first month at Manzanar?
(a) Clean
(b) Chaos
(c) Structure
(d) Freedom

6. How does the clothing given to the individuals in the camps fit them?
(a) It is too big
(b) It is too worn
(c) It is too small
(d) It is too tight

7. What do many Americans fear that all Japanese are doing?
(a) Plotting to kill the president
(b) Providing information to Germany
(c) Spying on the United States
(d) Planting bombs in Hawaii

8. What does the reservoir crew fear?
(a) Getting left in the reservoir
(b) The dam breaking
(c) The jittery soldiers
(d) The Japanese navy

9. What surrounds the camp?
(a) A river
(b) Wood walls
(c) Trees
(d) Barbed wire

10. Who punches Papa?
(a) Woody
(b) Daniel
(c) Mama
(d) Kiyo

11. For what reason does Mama need money?
(a) To buy extra food for the family in the camps
(b) To pay the mortgage on the house on Terminal Island
(c) To pay for Papa's release from prison
(d) To pay the monthly fee on the warehouse where the furniture is stored

12. The government requires that everyone seventeen or older signs what type of document?
(a) A non-violence pledge
(b) A citizenship card
(c) A loyalty oath
(d) A green card

13. What does the interviewer ask Papa?
(a) His reason for having four children
(b) His favorite color
(c) His reason for coming to the United States
(d) His favorite baseball team

14. What does Woody bring in to help clean?
(a) A broom
(b) A duster
(c) A bucket of water
(d) A vacuum

15. Why are the Japanese held in Manzanar?
(a) To protect them from angry Caucasians
(b) To protect them from the Japanese military
(c) As Japanese, their loyality is questionable to Caucasians
(d) They are plotting against the United States

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does the Navy make the Japanese families move away from Terminal Island?

2. What is the reservoir crew given as protection?

3. Why do the others think that Papa informed on the other men?

4. How long is it between the time that Jeanne's father is arrested and the next time that they see him?

5. When was Papa born?

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