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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the sandstorm do?
(a) Blows down the barbed wire
(b) Puts out the electricity
(c) Contaminates the water supply
(d) Hides the soldiers outside the camp

2. Why hasn't Papa contacted his family in Japan?
(a) He doesn't like any of them.
(b) This disowned him
(c) He is the black sheep of the family
(d) They are all dead

3. What does Woody have Ray and Kiyo do to improve the barracks?
(a) Sweep the floor
(b) Paint the walls
(c) Hang curtains
(d) Cover the knotholes

4. Heavy doses of what leave Jeanne sick?
(a) Mercury
(b) Antacids
(c) Flu medications
(d) Typhoid immunizations

5. What can't Papa do?
(a) Send his children to school
(b) Work on a fishing boat
(c) Become a citizen of the United States
(d) Go back to Japan

6. How does the clothing given to the individuals in the camps fit them?
(a) It is too small
(b) It is too tight
(c) It is too worn
(d) It is too big

7. What school does Papa enter?
(a) University of Idaho
(b) University of Washington
(c) Princeton
(d) UCLA

8. Who is the first person to run to Papa when the family sees him?
(a) Mama
(b) Woody
(c) Kiyo
(d) Jeanne

9. What word best describes the first month at Manzanar?
(a) Structure
(b) Chaos
(c) Freedom
(d) Clean

10. People can leave the camps and move inland if they do what?
(a) Give information on another Japanese person
(b) Sign up for the military
(c) Sign a green card
(d) Find a job and a sponsor

11. Who punches Papa?
(a) Daniel
(b) Woody
(c) Kiyo
(d) Mama

12. What does Papa demand?
(a) Extra rice and cans of fruit
(b) An apology
(c) A bed for himself
(d) Woody to leave the family's unit

13. The anti-American Japanese want what?
(a) A No No vote
(b) The camp to revolt
(c) The campt to stage a massive escape
(d) A Yes Yes vote

14. What item does Jeanne's mother refuse to sell, deciding instead to break it?
(a) Her china
(b) A bracelet
(c) A short wave radio
(d) Jeanne's baby carriage

15. Why doesn't Papa return to Japan?
(a) He is wanted in Japan for murder
(b) His law degree is the United States
(c) He wants to move to China
(d) The size of his family

Short Answer Questions

1. How long is Kiyo gone from the family barracks?

2. Who does Papa think will win the war?

3. Which word best describes the barracks?

4. For what reason does Mama need money?

5. What does Papa believe causes wars?

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