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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is a reminder that the people are not free?
(a) The handcuffs
(b) The searchlights
(c) The lack of Christmas presents
(d) The mess hall

2. What does Papa think about the violence in the camp?
(a) It is arrogant
(b) It is justified
(c) It is stupid
(d) It is criminal

3. When the family arrives at the camp, what obscures their vision of it?
(a) A rainstorm
(b) Their blindfolds
(c) Fog
(d) Blowing sand

4. Where was Jeanne living with her family before Pearl Harbor?
(a) Malibu
(b) Seattle
(c) Ocean Park
(d) San Diego

5. What is Mama furious about that first day?
(a) Jeanne's dirty dress
(b) The barbed wire around the camp
(c) The conditions they have to live in
(d) That her husband isn't with them

6. Why hasn't Papa contacted his family in Japan?
(a) He doesn't like any of them.
(b) He is the black sheep of the family
(c) They are all dead
(d) This disowned him

7. Who is required to work in the camp?
(a) Men between 18 and 35
(b) Men and women between 18 and 35
(c) No one
(d) Everyone over 18

8. Mama thinks that the condition of the barracks is no better than what _______ would sleep in.
(a) Caucasians
(b) Animals
(c) Bugs
(d) Germans

9. What does the mob cry out before the MPs use tear gas?
(a) Geronimo!
(b) Anarchy!
(c) Freedom!
(d) Bonzai!

10. The War Department issues surplus clothing from which war?
(a) The Civil War
(b) WWI
(c) The Spanish American War
(d) The Vietnam War

11. What do the women use for privacy in the camps?
(a) Sheets
(b) Tree branches
(c) Large Oxidol cartons
(d) Room screens

12. For what reason does Mama need money?
(a) To buy extra food for the family in the camps
(b) To pay for Papa's release from prison
(c) To pay the monthly fee on the warehouse where the furniture is stored
(d) To pay the mortgage on the house on Terminal Island

13. What do the soldiers fear?
(a) The high winds
(b) Getting sent to Mexico
(c) The mobbing "Japs"
(d) Having to go home without seeing battle

14. What happens to Papa at Fort Lincoln?
(a) He gets cancer
(b) He loses an arm
(c) He is injured in a farm accident
(d) His feet are frostbitten

15. Issei means what?
(a) American born Japanese
(b) Japanese born
(c) Japanese warrior
(d) Canadian born Japanese

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Woody have Ray and Kiyo do to improve the barracks?

2. What is true about Papa?

3. How much longer has Papa lived in the United States versus his interrogator?

4. In what year do the events of the book begin?

5. The anti-American Japanese want what?

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