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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 10, The Reservoir Shack: An Aside.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who has meals brought to him or her instead of eating in the mess hall?
(a) Granny
(b) Mama
(c) Woody
(d) Jeanne

2. When does Papa return to the family?
(a) September 1942
(b) December 1941
(c) March 1943
(d) August 1945

3. What is true about Papa?
(a) He's not interested in making it big
(b) He doesn't like excuses
(c) Mama's family loved him
(d) He never finishes anything he starts

4. Why doesn't Papa return to Japan?
(a) He wants to move to China
(b) He is wanted in Japan for murder
(c) His law degree is the United States
(d) The size of his family

5. Why do the others think that Papa informed on the other men?
(a) Someone hears Papa informing
(b) He lives in Ocean Park
(c) He is given a medal by the government
(d) He is released earlier than the others

Short Answer Questions

1. What is contained in the oil cans that Papa has with him?

2. What does Jeanne's father have that he feels guarantees his arrest?

3. The War Department issues surplus clothing from which war?

4. Who shows his good humor and willingness to be responsible to improve things as much as possible for the family?

5. Many people in the camp become sick because of what reason?

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