Farewell to Manzanar Fun Activities

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Japanese Language

Learn some Japanese phrases or words. Use a language program with students or have a Japanese language teacher introduce the phrases to students.

Japanese Dance

Learn a traditional Japanese dance. Jeanne attempts to learn Odori in the camp. Students can learn parts or all of a traditional dance.


Visit a museum that deals with some aspect of discrimination. For example, you might visit the Japanese American Museum or the Holocaust Museum. Some museums will have smaller exhibits on a situation with discrimination as well.


Draw a scene from the book. For example, students might draw the camp or Jeanne and her father waiting on the firebreak.

Character Match

Assign students as individuals from the novel. Have them ask each other questions in order to figure out which character they were assigned.

Barrack Replica

Create a replica of the barracks at Manzanar. Students can use...

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