Farewell to Manzanar Character Descriptions

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Jeanne Wakatsuki

She is intelligent and has spent most of her time away from other Asian people. She smiles too much. She does not speak Japanese. She learns to twirl the baton. She will not stand up for herself. She feels that for some reason she deserves the loss of the right to participate fully in society. She finds herself with opposing feelings. One part of her wants to hide, to disappear and not be seen. The other side wants to be seen, to be accepted, to have dates and become a full part of the social life.

Mama Wakatsuki

She is a proud, strong woman with the ability to organize and keep her family together. She is furious when the junk dealers try to offer so little for her fine china and other possessions. Rather than allow the china to be purchased for so little, or stolen...

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