Farewell to Manzanar Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Chapter 1, What is Pearl Harbor?

• Jeanne and her family go to the wharf to watch the fishing fleet leave. The fleet, however, does not go out of sight like it normally does but turns around instead.

• A man from the cannery shouts that Pearl Harbor has been attacked.
• Jeanne and her parents move in with her brother on Terminal Island.

• The FBI searches homes for incriminating evidence.

• Papa is arrested and accused of providing oil to Japanese submarines.

Chapter 2, Shikata Ga Nai

• Jeanne is not used to living around other Japanese people. The kids in the neighborhood terrorize her.

• The Navy decides that all Japanese Americans must leave Terminal Island.
• The family worries about what will happen but they do not feel that they have many choices.

• The family is told that they will be evacuated to one of the internment camps, Manzanar.

Chapter 3, A Different Kind of Sand

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