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Lesson 1 (from Chapters 1 through 4)


Chapters 1 through 4

In Chapter 1 of Farewell My Lovely, private detective Philip Marlowe meets Moose Malloy standing outside of Florian's night club. A large and powerfully built man, Malloy forces Marlowe into the night club with him in search of his former girlfriend, Little Velma. Malloy has not seen Little Velma for eight years because he has been in prison for a bank robbery he didn't commit. Upset that he can't find Little Velma and upset that Florian's has become an African-American business during his incarceration, Malloy has too much too drink and ends up murdering Sam Montgomery, the night club's owner. This lesson will discuss Sam Montgomery's murder and its importance as a catalyst in the novel. The murder is the inciting incident that motivates Marlowe to search for Velma in the hope of finding Moose Malloy and that search embroils Marlowe in additional murders.


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