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Chapters 1 through 4

• Philip Marlowe is a private investigator who works for the District Attorney's office until he is fired for insubordination.

• Marlowe meets Moose Malloy, a recently released convict, looking at the neon sign outside of Florian's, an after-hours club.

• Malloy is shocked that during his eight years in prison the night spot changed hands and is now owned, operated, and patronized by African-Americans.

• After Malloy throws one black patron out of the establishment, Marlowe moves in for a closer look and is grabbed by Moose and forced into the night spot.

• Moose Malloy is at the spot looking for a woman he once loved named Little Velma who was an entertainer at Florian's.

• Marlowe has no choice but to accompany the large, loudly dressed dangerous man up the stairs and into the bar.
• Moose Malloy attacks the bouncer at Florian's, leaving the man crawling along the baseboards...

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