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Short Answer Questions

1. What request does Nariman make of Daisy after she first plays her violin for him?

2. What does Edul say he must use to repair Nariman's room?

3. How does Edul's wife describe Nariman's home?

4. What two things bring Yezad comfort as the story nears its end?

5. Why does Yezad go to the store where he works on Christmas day?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens to Yezad's work situation after Kapur's death?

2. As the family leaves Pleasant Villa for the last time, Roxana and Jehangir look out the car window and see the same bird, but each one interprets it differently. How do Roxana and Jehangir see the bird differently?

3. What are Mr. Kapur's wife's reasons for not wanting him to run for public office?

4. What does Yezad learn when he calls Mr. Kapur to say he will not be in to work because of Coomy's death?

5. What are some of Yezad's thoughts and actions in Chapter 15 that show he is changing?

6. How does Yezad's plan to coerce Kapur to run for municipal council backfire?

7. What can we learn about the relationship between Roxana and Yezad when Yezad tells Roxana he lost their money playing Matka?

8. What is significant about the introduction of Daisy Ichamora to Nariman?

9. What impact does Mr. Kapur's decision about running for municipal council have on Yezad?

10. What effect has acting as homework monitor had on Jehangir?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

When using the good china for Murad's birthday reminds the family that one of Nariman's beliefs was that people should "take pleasure in the beautiful things to defeat the sadness and sorrow of life." How did Nariman live up to that belief? Did any other characters in the story follow his lead? How is that philosophy revealed throughout the story?

Essay Topic 2

At the beginning of the story, Yezad scoffs at Coomy's religious practices, but has done a complete turn-around by the end of the story. Trace the changes in Yezad throughout the story, focusing on what caused him to change and whether you think he was always sincere in his beliefs.

Essay Topic 3

Nariman is kept from following his heart by the tenets of his religious belief. What is this belief? How does it control his life? Is that a good thing? How could his life have been different if he had followed his heart?

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