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Short Answer Questions

1. What gift does Kapur give Yezad?

2. What message does Mrs. Kapur have for Yezad when he meets her at the store?

3. What is Yezad's excuse for not helping Nariman with his urinal?

4. What does Jal find when he goes to visit Nariman at Pleasant Villa?

5. How much extra money does Roxana find in the budget envelopes?

Short Essay Questions

1. What changes in behavior does Kapur make in order to become more like the common people?

2. What happens with Kapur and the children when Kapur puts on his Santa costume?

3. What is significant about the introduction of Daisy Ichamora to Nariman?

4. How does Yezad's plan to coerce Kapur to run for municipal council backfire?

5. As the family leaves Pleasant Villa for the last time, Roxana and Jehangir look out the car window and see the same bird, but each one interprets it differently. How do Roxana and Jehangir see the bird differently?

6. What are Mr. Kapur's wife's reasons for not wanting him to run for public office?

7. Describe why both Roxana and Yezad are puzzled about the amount of money in the budget envelopes.

8. Why does Jal take money from his account and go to visit Roxana?

9. In what ways do Jal and Yezad begin to act differently after Coomy and Kapur's deaths?

10. What excuses do Roxana and Yezad make for Jehangir when his teacher tells them Jehangir has been taking bribes as homework monitor? How is Jehangir punished?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

As the family moves into more comfortable lodgings, begins to have more money, and find other interests, they begin to lose touch with each other and with their own values. Show how this affects the characters individually and as a family. Is this a natural progression of events in this story? Is it true in life as well as in fiction?

Essay Topic 2

One of Kapur's reasons for not running for office is that his wife tells him that service to family comes before service to community. How is this theme carried throughout the story? Do you think Coomy and Roxana would have agreed with her? Why/why not?

Essay Topic 3

Who seem to be the stronger characters in Family Matters, the men or the women? Does that change through the course of the story? Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the characters and tell whether you think they are related to gender or are just an author's rendering.

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