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Short Answer Questions

1. Who did Nariman's family arrange for him to marry?

2. What does Nariman offer to do to help Jehangir?

3. When does Coomy intend to let Nariman come home?

4. When Coomy calls in Dr. Tarapore, what is his concern about Nariman?

5. Which of the following seems most sensitive to Nariman's needs?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Murad do in Chapter 10 that angers Yezad, and why is this significant?

2. What is the subject of Nariman's flashbacks, and why is mention of his flashbacks important to the story?

3. Describe how Nariman's arrival changes things for the Chenoy family.

4. What do you learn about Coomy from her actions in Chapter 5?

5. What do Vilas and Yezad talk about as they return to work after meeting Vilas' two friends? Why is this important?

6. What do you know of VIkram Kapur from the incidents in Chapter 7?

7. Nariman is well known in the Bombay medical community. What evidence is there that his opinion is valued?

8. Describe the relationship between Nariman and Jehangir.

9. Describe the atmosphere in the Vakeel home after Roxana and her family arrive.

10. Describe Nariman's relationship with his grandsons.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

There are several negative forces in Family Matters: Coomy's nagging and crabbiness, Yasmin marrying for security instead of love, the constant search for money. And there are also several positive forces in the story: Yezad's search for faith, the love between Murad and Jehangir, Nariman's undying devotion to Lucy. Compare and contrast the positive and negative forces in Family Matters and show how each serve to move the story along and lend to its entirety.

Essay Topic 2

One of the techniques Mistry uses in Family Matters is humor. Describe some of the humorous incidents in the story and tell how they help to move the story along by relieving tension, revealing more about characters, or just providing a break in the narrative.

Essay Topic 3

As the family moves into more comfortable lodgings, begins to have more money, and find other interests, they begin to lose touch with each other and with their own values. Show how this affects the characters individually and as a family. Is this a natural progression of events in this story? Is it true in life as well as in fiction?

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