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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What arrives at Kapur's store that he get all excited about?
(a) Supplies for a second store.
(b) His Santa suit.
(c) Lots of children.
(d) Members of the Shiv Sena.

2. What kind of reception does Yezad get from Kapur's wife?
(a) She welcomes him with open arms.
(b) She invites him to stay with them for a while.
(c) She says he must never come to their house again.
(d) She is very cold toward him.

3. What request does Nariman make of Daisy after she first plays her violin for him?
(a) That she play her violin to wake him up.
(b) That she play her violin as he lies dying.
(c) That she play his favorite song over and over.
(d) That she play her violin as he goes to sleep.

4. Why does Yezad meet with Vilas and his two actor friends?
(a) To discuss the play Vilas is writing.
(b) To finalize the details of their scam.
(c) To go together to meet the Shiv Sena.
(d) To write a letter to convince Kapur to run for office.

5. Why does Nariman become agitated when Jal leaves after having dinner with the Chenoy family?
(a) No one knows.
(b) He wants the family to stay together.
(c) He does not want Jal to leave.
(d) He misses Coomy.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Kapur not respond to Yezad's request about his new responsibilities?

2. What does Murad get Jehangir for Christmas?

3. How does Edul's wife describe Nariman's home?

4. Who finally helps Nariman with the urinal?

5. What gift does Kapur give Yezad?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Jal try to placate Edul Munshi's wife while Edul finishes the work in Jal and Coomy's apartment?

2. What happens with Kapur and the children when Kapur puts on his Santa costume?

3. What impact does Mr. Kapur's decision about running for municipal council have on Yezad?

4. What does Yezad learn when he calls Mr. Kapur to say he will not be in to work because of Coomy's death?

5. What effect has acting as homework monitor had on Jehangir?

6. What happens to Yezad's work situation after Kapur's death?

7. What are Mr. Kapur's wife's reasons for not wanting him to run for public office?

8. What changes in behavior does Kapur make in order to become more like the common people?

9. What excuses do Roxana and Yezad make for Jehangir when his teacher tells them Jehangir has been taking bribes as homework monitor? How is Jehangir punished?

10. What are some of Yezad's thoughts and actions in Chapter 15 that show he is changing?

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