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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Yezad do with his application papers for emigration to Canada?
(a) He checks them carefully and mails them.
(b) He asks his lawyer to look at them.
(c) He files them for future use.
(d) He tears them up.

2. How do the children react to Kapur?
(a) Most are afraid of the Santa suit.
(b) Most are afraid of the Santa suit.
(c) Most jus want the candy Santa has to offer.
(d) Most are eager to sit on Santa's lap.

3. What does Jal tell Roxana and Yezad would happen if he had his way about things?
(a) They would put Nariman in a nursing home.
(b) He would be able to give them more money.
(c) They would all live at Chateau Felicity.
(d) Roxana and Yezad would move to a larger place.

4. What is Kapur's justification for not being treated like a common person?
(a) His family is not from Bombay.
(b) He does not attend the temple.
(c) He thinks he looks too much like a rich man.
(d) He is too well known in the community.

5. How do Coomy and Edul Munshi die?
(a) The ladder they are standing on gives way beneath them.
(b) They fall from the roof.
(c) A steel girder falls on them.
(d) The plaster from the ceiling falls and smothers them.

6. What is Kapur's reaction when Yezad asks for an advance?
(a) He grants the advance without question.
(b) He tells Yezad he will have to work for it.
(c) He tells Yezad that if he gets an advance he will have to accept more responsibility.
(d) He does not bother to answer Yezad.

7. Why does Yezad have trouble finding another job?
(a) No one wants someone connected with a murder.
(b) Yezad has a reputation as a trouble maker.
(c) No one wants a person with Yezad's experience.
(d) Yezad is too old to find another job.

8. What excuse does Kapur give for not running for municipal office?
(a) He is too busy with the store.
(b) It is not the right time.
(c) He does not have enough money.
(d) His wife is against it.

9. What does Yezad tell Jehangir that his name means?
(a) Conqueror of India.
(b) King of the world.
(c) King of India.
(d) Conqueror of the world.

10. Why does Yezad go to the store where he works on Christmas day?
(a) To return a tool he had borrowed.
(b) To work overtime on the holiday.
(c) To return the money he took.
(d) To help Kapur play Santa.

11. What request does Nariman make of Daisy after she first plays her violin for him?
(a) That she play her violin as he lies dying.
(b) That she play his favorite song over and over.
(c) That she play her violin as he goes to sleep.
(d) That she play her violin to wake him up.

12. What does Jal find when he goes to visit Nariman at Pleasant Villa?
(a) Daisy has moved in with Roxana and Yezad.
(b) Daisy is playing her violin for Nariman.
(c) Daisy is giving Nariman music lessons.
(d) Daisy is taking care of Nariman.

13. What request does Jehangir make one evening as he is having supper with his family?
(a) To leave school.
(b) To change his name.
(c) To change his religion.
(d) To leave home.

14. What does Yezad do when he comes to the fires temple?
(a) He goes in to pray.
(b) He crosses the street to avoid it.
(c) He watches people file in for services.
(d) He watches a man pray then leaves.

15. What does Yezad do when Vilas tries to tell him about one of his recent clients?
(a) Yezad listens carefully so he can help Vilas.
(b) Yezad tells Vilas he should not interfere in his client's lives.
(c) Yezad interrupts to talk about his own agenda.
(d) Yezad asks if they can talk about the client later.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Nariman's words, how would you complete this sentence, "the loss of home ...?

2. What does Murad get Jehangir for Christmas?

3. What does Jal share with Yezad and Roxana after Coomy's death?

4. Why does Yezad meet with Vilas and his two actor friends?

5. What does Roxana smell on Yezad when he comes home one evening?

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