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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How much extra money does Roxana find in the budget envelopes?
(a) Sixty rupees.
(b) Forty five rupees.
(c) One hundred and eighty rupees.
(d) One hundred and twenty rupees.

2. What does Jehangir have to do after putting old and wrinkled money in the budget envelopes?
(a) Ask his mother to double check the envelopes.
(b) Carefully seal the envelopes.
(c) Wash his hands.
(d) He is not required to do anything.

3. Why does Yezad not want Kapur to pay the Shiv Sena?
(a) Yezad wants Kapur to run for office.
(b) Yezad knows the Shiv Sena will never get enough.
(c) Yezad wants Kapur to stand up for himself.
(d) Yezad knows Kapur cannot afford it.

4. What upsets the inspector most about the Parsi community?
(a) He thinks it is shrinking.
(b) He thinks it is getting too large.
(c) He thinks they do not have enough schools.
(d) He thinks too many Parsi are uneducated.

5. What does Yezad do when Vilas tries to tell him about one of his recent clients?
(a) Yezad tells Vilas he should not interfere in his client's lives.
(b) Yezad interrupts to talk about his own agenda.
(c) Yezad listens carefully so he can help Vilas.
(d) Yezad asks if they can talk about the client later.

6. How does Roxana react when Yezad tells her he has lost all their money?
(a) She forgives him.
(b) She makes him leave the house.
(c) She makes him try to get it back.
(d) She is stunned and cannot speak.

7. What proposition does Jal make to Yezad and Roxana?
(a) That they send Jehangir, Murad, and Nariman to Chateau Felicity.
(b) That they sell their flat and move into Chateau Felicity.
(c) That they remodel Pleasant Villa.
(d) They they hire a nurse for Nariman.

8. What is Yezad's explanation for the extra money?
(a) He tells Roxana she must have miscounted.
(b) He admits to playing Matka.
(c) He says he has worked overtime.
(d) He says maybe Mr. Kapur paid him extra commissions.

9. In Nariman's words, how would you complete this sentence, "the loss of home ...?
(a) ,,,leaves a hole that can never be filled."
(b) ...creates a huge empty space."
(c) ...leaves an emptiness that can never be filled."
(d) ...leave a hole that is too big to fill."

10. What request does Nariman make of Daisy after she first plays her violin for him?
(a) That she play her violin to wake him up.
(b) That she play her violin as he lies dying.
(c) That she play her violin as he goes to sleep.
(d) That she play his favorite song over and over.

11. What does Roxana smell on Yezad when he comes home one evening?
(a) He smells of alcohol.
(b) He smells of sandalwood.
(c) He smells of cigarette smoke.
(d) He smells of perfume.

12. What does Yezad tell Vilas he is troubled about?
(a) He has lost a chance at promotion.
(b) There are too many Christmas decorations.
(c) He cannot get Nariman out of his house.
(d) Kapur has given him too much responsibility.

13. What kind of reception does Yezad get from Kapur's wife?
(a) She welcomes him with open arms.
(b) She invites him to stay with them for a while.
(c) She says he must never come to their house again.
(d) She is very cold toward him.

14. How many rupees does Yezad give Villie for Matka?
(a) Less than 700.
(b) Over 7,000.
(c) More than 700.
(d) More than 800.

15. What is Kapur's justification for not being treated like a common person?
(a) He does not attend the temple.
(b) He is too well known in the community.
(c) His family is not from Bombay.
(d) He thinks he looks too much like a rich man.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Yezad tell Kapur happened while Kapur was out getting his blood pressure checked?

2. How does Edul's wife describe Nariman's home?

3. What does Jal share with Yezad and Roxana after Coomy's death?

4. What is Kapur's reaction when Yezad asks for an advance?

5. What two things bring Yezad comfort as the story nears its end?

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