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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Yezad not want Kapur to pay the Shiv Sena?
(a) Yezad wants Kapur to stand up for himself.
(b) Yezad knows the Shiv Sena will never get enough.
(c) Yezad wants Kapur to run for office.
(d) Yezad knows Kapur cannot afford it.

2. What request does Jehangir make one evening as he is having supper with his family?
(a) To change his religion.
(b) To leave home.
(c) To leave school.
(d) To change his name.

3. What is Yezad's explanation for the extra money?
(a) He tells Roxana she must have miscounted.
(b) He admits to playing Matka.
(c) He says he has worked overtime.
(d) He says maybe Mr. Kapur paid him extra commissions.

4. What does Yezad tell Kapur happened while Kapur was out getting his blood pressure checked?
(a) The Shiv Sena announced their intentions to remove all Christmas decorations.
(b) Two men from Shiv Sena came by and threatened him.
(c) Yezad promised that Kapur would remove the Christmas decorations.
(d) Yezad paid the Shiv Sena to leave Kapur alone.

5. What is the good omen that Roxana sees as the family leaves Pleasant Villa?
(a) A white dove.
(b) A butterfly.
(c) A bird.
(d) A moth.

6. What does Yezad tell Vilas he is troubled about?
(a) There are too many Christmas decorations.
(b) Kapur has given him too much responsibility.
(c) He cannot get Nariman out of his house.
(d) He has lost a chance at promotion.

7. How do Coomy and Edul Munshi die?
(a) A steel girder falls on them.
(b) The plaster from the ceiling falls and smothers them.
(c) They fall from the roof.
(d) The ladder they are standing on gives way beneath them.

8. What does Yezad do when he comes to the fires temple?
(a) He watches people file in for services.
(b) He crosses the street to avoid it.
(c) He watches a man pray then leaves.
(d) He goes in to pray.

9. How do Jehangir's parents react to being called to school on his behalf?
(a) They do nothing.
(b) They sign him up for summer school.
(c) They ask Nariman what to do.
(d) They give him extra chores.

10. What is Kapur's first step to becoming more like the common people?
(a) He gives his expensive clothes away.
(b) He buys a train pass.
(c) He sells his watch.
(d) He sells his car.

11. What upsets the inspector most about the Parsi community?
(a) He thinks too many Parsi are uneducated.
(b) He thinks they do not have enough schools.
(c) He thinks it is shrinking.
(d) He thinks it is getting too large.

12. What message does Mrs. Kapur have for Yezad when he meets her at the store?
(a) Only Yezad can learn to run the store as Kapur did.
(b) The store is closed, but he is needed to do inventory.
(c) The store is closed and he must clear out his things.
(d) She offers to sell the store to Yezad.

13. What proposition does Jal make to Yezad and Roxana?
(a) That they send Jehangir, Murad, and Nariman to Chateau Felicity.
(b) That they remodel Pleasant Villa.
(c) They they hire a nurse for Nariman.
(d) That they sell their flat and move into Chateau Felicity.

14. What is Mr. Kapur's wife's view of public service?
(a) Service to family comes first.
(b) Service to community comes first.
(c) Service to family is a woman's duty.
(d) Service to community is for young men.

15. Why does Miss Alvarez ask to speak to Jehangir's parents?
(a) She wants to tell them how good Jehangir is.
(b) She wants to tell them she is quitting.
(c) Jehangir is being released as homework monitor.
(d) Jehangir has been taking bribes as homework monitor.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Jal find when he goes to visit Nariman at Pleasant Villa?

2. What awakens Yezad in the middle of the night?

3. Why does Coomy agree to allow Edul Munshi to help fix up her apartment?

4. Who finally helps Nariman with the urinal?

5. Why does Kapur not respond to Yezad's request about his new responsibilities?

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