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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Edul's wife describe Nariman's home?
(a) The house of much sadness.
(b) The house of unhappiness.
(c) The house of uncertainty.
(d) The house of happiness.

2. What does Jal share with Yezad and Roxana after Coomy's death?
(a) Coomy's favorite recipes.
(b) Leftovers from the funeral.
(c) Food he and Coomy had ordered.
(d) News about Coomy's will.

3. What dream does Nariman have that causes him to wake up screaming?
(a) Nariman has fallen from the room with Yasmin and Lucy.
(b) Lucy has pushed Yasmine off the roof.
(c) Yasmin and Lucy have fallen from the roof.
(d) Yasmin has pushed Lucy off the roof.

4. Why does Miss Alvarez ask to speak to Jehangir's parents?
(a) Jehangir has been taking bribes as homework monitor.
(b) She wants to tell them she is quitting.
(c) She wants to tell them how good Jehangir is.
(d) Jehangir is being released as homework monitor.

5. What proposition does Jal make to Yezad and Roxana?
(a) That they sell their flat and move into Chateau Felicity.
(b) They they hire a nurse for Nariman.
(c) That they send Jehangir, Murad, and Nariman to Chateau Felicity.
(d) That they remodel Pleasant Villa.

6. What does Jal tell Roxana and Yezad would happen if he had his way about things?
(a) He would be able to give them more money.
(b) They would put Nariman in a nursing home.
(c) Roxana and Yezad would move to a larger place.
(d) They would all live at Chateau Felicity.

7. What does Yezad do when Vilas tries to tell him about one of his recent clients?
(a) Yezad tells Vilas he should not interfere in his client's lives.
(b) Yezad asks if they can talk about the client later.
(c) Yezad listens carefully so he can help Vilas.
(d) Yezad interrupts to talk about his own agenda.

8. What arrives at Kapur's store that he get all excited about?
(a) Supplies for a second store.
(b) His Santa suit.
(c) Members of the Shiv Sena.
(d) Lots of children.

9. Who finally helps Nariman with the urinal?
(a) Murad.
(b) Roxana.
(c) Jehangir.
(d) Yezad.

10. How much extra money does Roxana find in the budget envelopes?
(a) Sixty rupees.
(b) One hundred and twenty rupees.
(c) One hundred and eighty rupees.
(d) Forty five rupees.

11. What is Kapur's first step to becoming more like the common people?
(a) He gives his expensive clothes away.
(b) He sells his watch.
(c) He sells his car.
(d) He buys a train pass.

12. What does Yezad tell Kapur happened while Kapur was out getting his blood pressure checked?
(a) Yezad paid the Shiv Sena to leave Kapur alone.
(b) Yezad promised that Kapur would remove the Christmas decorations.
(c) The Shiv Sena announced their intentions to remove all Christmas decorations.
(d) Two men from Shiv Sena came by and threatened him.

13. What does Jal find when he goes to visit Nariman at Pleasant Villa?
(a) Daisy has moved in with Roxana and Yezad.
(b) Daisy is taking care of Nariman.
(c) Daisy is giving Nariman music lessons.
(d) Daisy is playing her violin for Nariman.

14. What is Nariman's observation about how Coomy died?
(a) He says she died much too soon.
(b) He says she brought it on herself.
(c) He says she died full of anger.
(d) He says she died doing what she loved.

15. Who goes to help Nariman when he asks for the urinal?
(a) Yezad.
(b) Murad.
(c) Jehangir.
(d) No one.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the plan that Yezad has developed that requires Vilas' help?

2. What two things bring Yezad comfort as the story nears its end?

3. Why does Kapur not respond to Yezad's request about his new responsibilities?

4. What request does Jehangir make one evening as he is having supper with his family?

5. In Nariman's dream about a time when Lucy worked for another family in his building, what is Lucy doing?

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