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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Edul's wife describe Nariman's home?
(a) The house of happiness.
(b) The house of much sadness.
(c) The house of uncertainty.
(d) The house of unhappiness.

2. How much extra money does Roxana find in the budget envelopes?
(a) Forty five rupees.
(b) One hundred and eighty rupees.
(c) Sixty rupees.
(d) One hundred and twenty rupees.

3. What does Jal tell Roxana and Yezad would happen if he had his way about things?
(a) Roxana and Yezad would move to a larger place.
(b) They would put Nariman in a nursing home.
(c) He would be able to give them more money.
(d) They would all live at Chateau Felicity.

4. What proposition does Jal make to Yezad and Roxana?
(a) That they remodel Pleasant Villa.
(b) That they sell their flat and move into Chateau Felicity.
(c) They they hire a nurse for Nariman.
(d) That they send Jehangir, Murad, and Nariman to Chateau Felicity.

5. What is Kapur's reaction when Yezad asks for an advance?
(a) He tells Yezad he will have to work for it.
(b) He tells Yezad that if he gets an advance he will have to accept more responsibility.
(c) He does not bother to answer Yezad.
(d) He grants the advance without question.

6. What kind of reception does Yezad get from Kapur's wife?
(a) She welcomes him with open arms.
(b) She invites him to stay with them for a while.
(c) She says he must never come to their house again.
(d) She is very cold toward him.

7. What does Edul say he must use to repair Nariman's room?
(a) A new wood beam.
(b) Heavy aluminum panels.
(c) Many coats of plaster.
(d) A steel girder.

8. What items does Mr. Kapur order for his store during the holiday season?
(a) Food and wine to celebrate Christmas.
(b) Decorations for all the religious holidays.
(c) Enough supplies for a second store.
(d) Fancy Christmas decorations.

9. Why does Yezad not want Kapur to pay the Shiv Sena?
(a) Yezad knows Kapur cannot afford it.
(b) Yezad wants Kapur to stand up for himself.
(c) Yezad wants Kapur to run for office.
(d) Yezad knows the Shiv Sena will never get enough.

10. What good news does Yezad have when he comes home from work?
(a) Nariman is going home.
(b) Kapur is selling the store.
(c) He got a raise.
(d) The elevator is working.

11. What does Yezad tell Kapur happened while Kapur was out getting his blood pressure checked?
(a) Yezad paid the Shiv Sena to leave Kapur alone.
(b) The Shiv Sena announced their intentions to remove all Christmas decorations.
(c) Two men from Shiv Sena came by and threatened him.
(d) Yezad promised that Kapur would remove the Christmas decorations.

12. Why does Yezad have trouble finding another job?
(a) No one wants someone connected with a murder.
(b) Yezad is too old to find another job.
(c) No one wants a person with Yezad's experience.
(d) Yezad has a reputation as a trouble maker.

13. Why does Kapur not respond to Yezad's request about his new responsibilities?
(a) Kapur is too excited about his Christmas decorations.
(b) Kapur has not made up his mind about the new responsibilities.
(c) Kapur is mad at Yezad for breaking an ornament,
(d) Kapur tells Yezad he will find out in time.

14. Why is the store closed when Yezad returns to work the day after Coomy's funeral?
(a) Because Shiv Sena has shut it down.
(b) Because of the Christmas holidays.
(c) Because Kapur is grieving.
(d) Because Kapur has been killed.

15. Who goes to help Nariman when he asks for the urinal?
(a) No one.
(b) Yezad.
(c) Murad.
(d) Jehangir.

Short Answer Questions

1. What dream does Nariman have that causes him to wake up screaming?

2. What is the good omen that Roxana sees as the family leaves Pleasant Villa?

3. What does Yezad tell Jehangir that his name means?

4. What happens to Yezad when he stops at the temple and stays for prayers?

5. How does Roxana react when Yezad tells her he has lost all their money?

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