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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What type of school do Murad and Jehangir attend?
(a) A prep school.
(b) An English-style school.
(c) A public school.
(d) A private boys' school.

2. What does Nariman encourage Roxana and Yezad to do to help their financial situation?
(a) Ask Coomy and Jal to turn over his savings account.
(b) Sell their home and move into his old home with Coomy and Jal.
(c) Put him in a nursing home.
(d) Take him back to his own home where Coomy and Jal live.

3. What reason does Coomy give to convince Roxana to let her father move in?
(a) She says it is only fair that they share responsibility.
(b) She says Jal cannot take it any longer.
(c) She says Nariman likes Roxana better.
(d) She says it will help avoid depression.

4. What does Coomy use to clean Nariman's teeth?
(a) Toilet bowl cleaner.
(b) Toothpaste.
(c) Dishwashing liquid.
(d) Laundry detergent.

5. Why does Yezad not use Mr. Kapur's first name during work hours?
(a) Mr. Kapur's first name is too hard for Yezad to say.
(b) Because Mr. Kapur will not use Yezad's last name.
(c) He cannot remember Mr. Kapur's first name.
(d) He thinks using his boss's first name is too informal.

6. How are Murad and Jehangir instructed to act when they arrive at Nariman's home?
(a) They are not given instructions.
(b) They are told to play quietly.
(c) They are told to sit like statues.
(d) They are told to sit on the floor.

7. How does Yezad use the item he borrowed from his neighbor Villie Cardmaster?
(a) He makes a tent on the balcony.
(b) He uses it for his own bed.
(c) He uses it to cover the windows.
(d) He makes Nariman sleep on it.

8. What prompts Roxana to change her mind about taking her father in?
(a) Roxana really misses her father and wants him near.
(b) Roxana realizes all Coomy's reasons are good ones.
(c) Coomy says Nariman is looking forward to being with Roxana's family.
(d) Coomy says Nariman is waiting outside in an ambulance.

9. What does Yezad give Villie for helping him with Matka?
(a) Ten dinar.
(b) Ten rubies
(c) Ten rupees.
(d) Ten rubles.

10. What is Yezad's attitude toward religion?
(a) He is searching for answers.
(b) He is very devout in his faith.
(c) He tends to scoff at religious practices.
(d) He will attend church, but is not necessarily interested.

11. What is the relationship of Coomy and Jal to Nariman?
(a) They are his grandchildren.
(b) They are his son and daughter.
(c) They are his foster children.
(d) They are his stepchildren.

12. What is revealed about Yezad's background in Chapter 2?
(a) That he had attempted to emigrate to Canada.
(b) That he wishes he could do more for his country.
(c) That he is very happy with his life.
(d) That he was previously married and has other children.

13. What is Roxana's first action for Nariman after he arrives at her home?
(a) She gives him a sponge bath.
(b) She gives him a good meal.
(c) She puts him to bed.
(d) She cleans his teeth.

14. What does Yezad borrow from their neighbor Villie Cardmaster?
(a) An old blanket.
(b) An old tablecloth.
(c) An extra bed.
(d) An extra sheet.

15. What is characteristic of the Shiv Sena?
(a) They are loyal traditionalists.
(b) They are ultra liberals.
(c) They are radical conservatives.
(d) They have no political views.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the Chenoy family hoping to learn from Dr. Tarapore's visit?

2. What arrangements are made for Nariman at Roxana's?

3. What does Coomy confess to Jal about caring for their father?

4. Which of the following does not describe Vilas Rane?

5. Why does Roxana stop Jehangir from explaining his book to Nariman?

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