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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 20.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How do Coomy and Edul Munshi die?
(a) They fall from the roof.
(b) The ladder they are standing on gives way beneath them.
(c) A steel girder falls on them.
(d) The plaster from the ceiling falls and smothers them.

2. What does Roxana smell on Yezad when he comes home one evening?
(a) He smells of alcohol.
(b) He smells of perfume.
(c) He smells of sandalwood.
(d) He smells of cigarette smoke.

3. Why does Yezad meet with Vilas and his two actor friends?
(a) To discuss the play Vilas is writing.
(b) To write a letter to convince Kapur to run for office.
(c) To finalize the details of their scam.
(d) To go together to meet the Shiv Sena.

4. How does Dr. Tarapore's impending visit affect Nariman?
(a) He gets excited.
(b) He has a nervous stomach.
(c) He get a bad headache.
(d) He is worried he is not healing fast enough.

5. How would Mr. Kapur's action affect Yezad?
(a) It would mean he could lose his job.
(b) It would mean he might have to work more hours.
(c) It would mean more responsibility and more money.
(d) It would give Yezad an opportunity to own his own store.

Short Answer Questions

1. How many rupees does Yezad give Villie for Matka?

2. What does Miss Alvarez think of the position of homework monitor?

3. How does Nariman injure his ankle?

4. What service does Jehangir provide for Nariman?

5. What does Yezad tell Kapur happened while Kapur was out getting his blood pressure checked?

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