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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 20.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What argument does Coomy use to leave Nariman at Roxana's house a while longer?
(a) She and Jal do not have time for Nariman.
(b) She and Jal are going on vacation.
(c) His hospital visit would mean more ambulance rides.
(d) Nariman is much happier at Roxana's.

2. Why does Yezad not use Mr. Kapur's first name during work hours?
(a) He thinks using his boss's first name is too informal.
(b) Mr. Kapur's first name is too hard for Yezad to say.
(c) He cannot remember Mr. Kapur's first name.
(d) Because Mr. Kapur will not use Yezad's last name.

3. What good news does Yezad have when he comes home from work?
(a) The elevator is working.
(b) He got a raise.
(c) Kapur is selling the store.
(d) Nariman is going home.

4. According to Coomy, who is supposed to inherit Chateau Felicity?
(a) Yasmin.
(b) Roxana and Yezad.
(c) Coomy and Jal.
(d) Lucy.

5. How does Jal explain the constant hammering that Yezad asks about?
(a) He says their neighbor is a carpenter.
(b) He says it is the apartment manager.
(c) He says it is their crazy neighbor.
(d) He says it is the neighbor's children playing.

Short Answer Questions

1. What arrives at Kapur's store that he get all excited about?

2. Who goes to help Nariman when he asks for the urinal?

3. What does Nariman have when he returns from his walk on the evening of his birthday?

4. Why do Vilas' friends urge Yezad to stay away from Matka?

5. What request does Nariman make of Daisy after she first plays her violin for him?

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