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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 20.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do Coomy and Jal hear Nariman doing whenever they pass the room he stays in while his ankle heals?
(a) He is talking to himself.
(b) He is crying.
(c) He is complaining about his care.
(d) He is talking to Roxana.

2. Why do Coomy and Jal not want Nariman to go out alone?
(a) They are afraid he will get lost.
(b) They are afraid he will not return in time for his birthday celebration.
(c) They are afraid he will run away.
(d) They are afraid something will happen to him.

3. What does Yezad do when he comes to the fires temple?
(a) He goes in to pray.
(b) He crosses the street to avoid it.
(c) He watches people file in for services.
(d) He watches a man pray then leaves.

4. What is the alternative name suggested for Bombay?
(a) Mumbai.
(b) Mumbawi.
(c) Mambo.
(d) Nunbai.

5. Why does Coomy request that Phoola Phoola clean her room first?
(a) Because it was not cleaned the last time.
(b) So she can go back to bed.
(c) So she can watch to see that it is done correctly.
(d) So she can spend time with her father.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who asks Nariman for his assistance while he is in the hospital?

2. What does Roxana smell on Yezad when he comes home one evening?

3. What is the relationship of Coomy and Jal to Nariman?

4. How does Nariman help Jehangir go back to sleep when Jehangir is restless?

5. What is Roxana's advice to Jehangir about writing a book?

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