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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 9.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What arrangements are made for Nariman at Roxana's?
(a) He is put in Jehangir's bed.
(b) He must share a bed with one of the boys.
(c) He is given a cot of his own.
(d) He is put in a bed on the balcony.

2. What does Coomy confess to Jal about caring for their father?
(a) She says she hates the work of caring for him.
(b) She says wishes they had a better relationship.
(c) She says she hates that he is dependent upon them.
(d) She says she knows Nariman likes Roxana better.

3. How does the cleaning woman awaken Coomy?
(a) By ringing the doorbell.
(b) By knocking on the door.
(c) By coming into the room.
(d) By making too much noise.

4. What does Nariman observe as Coomy and Jal move him to Roxana's apartment?
(a) It is hard for them to hide their eagerness to be rid of him.
(b) They are both eager to see him comfortable and cared for.
(c) They are both looking forward to seeing Roxana again.
(d) It is hard for them to hide their sadness at his leaving.

5. When does the author indicate that Nariman will be able to move about and take care of himself?
(a) It is hard to tell from the story.
(b) About three weeks.
(c) It depends on the exercises he does.
(d) Never.

Short Answer Questions

1. How long will Nariman have to care for his foot?

2. How does Nariman help Jehangir go back to sleep when Jehangir is restless?

3. What makes Roxana check on Nariman while he sleeps?

4. How does Coomy answer Jal's concern about leaving their father with the Chenoy family?

5. Why does Roxana stop Jehangir from explaining his book to Nariman?

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