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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 18.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Coomy confess to Jal about caring for their father?
(a) She says she hates that he is dependent upon them.
(b) She says she hates the work of caring for him.
(c) She says she knows Nariman likes Roxana better.
(d) She says wishes they had a better relationship.

2. What do Coomy and Jal hear Nariman doing whenever they pass the room he stays in while his ankle heals?
(a) He is complaining about his care.
(b) He is talking to Roxana.
(c) He is crying.
(d) He is talking to himself.

3. What does Yezad think of as he sits with Nariman in the evening?
(a) He is grateful he is not Nariman.
(b) The agony Nariman is going through.
(c) The pain that Nariman is to those who care for him.
(d) He tries to visualize Nariman well.

4. What does Jehangir have to do after putting old and wrinkled money in the budget envelopes?
(a) Wash his hands.
(b) Carefully seal the envelopes.
(c) Ask his mother to double check the envelopes.
(d) He is not required to do anything.

5. What reason does Coomy give Nariman for not telling Roxana and Yezad about his accident?
(a) She does not want to worry them.
(b) She does not think it was necessary.
(c) She is not able to locate them.
(d) She had asked Jal to do it, but he would not.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who goes to help Nariman when he asks for the urinal?

2. How does Yezad get to work?

3. What does Husain do when he is having a "good" day?

4. What does Yezad do with his application papers for emigration to Canada?

5. How does Coomy hope to combat the smell of Nariman's bowel movements?

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