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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 12.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Kapur's reaction when Yezad asks for an advance?
(a) He does not bother to answer Yezad.
(b) He tells Yezad that if he gets an advance he will have to accept more responsibility.
(c) He tells Yezad he will have to work for it.
(d) He grants the advance without question.

2. What responsibility does Murad take on himself at home that upsets Yezad?
(a) Setting the table.
(b) Weeding the flowerbeds.
(c) Winding the clock.
(d) Helping prepare supper.

3. How many rupees does Yezad give Villie for Matka?
(a) More than 800.
(b) More than 700.
(c) Less than 700.
(d) Over 7,000.

4. How does Coomy hope to combat the smell of Nariman's bowel movements?
(a) She turns on his ceiling fan.
(b) She opens all the windows.
(c) She holds her nose.
(d) She makes him go outside.

5. What is Yezad's reaction to the customer's offer?
(a) He immediately tells his boss about the offer.
(b) He refuses.
(c) He asks for time to think about it.
(d) He gladly accepts.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Nariman injure his ankle?

2. Why can Husain only work part time?

3. What reason does Coomy give Nariman for not telling Roxana and Yezad about his accident?

4. What does Mr. Kapur do when he learns that Husain is unable to work?

5. What items does Mr. Kapur order for his store during the holiday season?

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