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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 12.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Coomy initially ask for help when Nariman is brought home with an injured ankle?
(a) Their neighbor Dr. Fitter.
(b) Their regular doctor, Dr. Tarapore.
(c) The men who brought him home.
(d) She did not ask for help.

2. What does Nariman tell Roxana when she takes him in?
(a) He tells her it was not his idea to come to her home.
(b) He tells her how good Coomy has been to him.
(c) He apologizes for being a burden.
(d) He tells her he can't wait to get inside with her family.

3. What items does Mr. Kapur order for his store during the holiday season?
(a) Decorations for all the religious holidays.
(b) Food and wine to celebrate Christmas.
(c) Fancy Christmas decorations.
(d) Enough supplies for a second store.

4. What does Miss Alvarez think of the position of homework monitor?
(a) It illustrates good citizenship.
(b) It illustrates maturity.
(c) It illustrates responsibility.
(d) It illustrates honesty.

5. What does Husain do when he is having a "good" day?
(a) He helps Yezad.
(b) He orders supplies.
(c) He does odd jobs around the store.
(d) He waits on customers.

Short Answer Questions

1. How much extra money does Roxana find in the budget envelopes?

2. What reason does Coomy give to convince Roxana to let her father move in?

3. Why does Yezad not use Mr. Kapur's first name during work hours?

4. What responsibility does Murad take on himself at home that upsets Yezad?

5. What is Yezad's explanation for the extra money?

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