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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 12.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Miss Alvarez think of the position of homework monitor?
(a) It illustrates responsibility.
(b) It illustrates maturity.
(c) It illustrates good citizenship.
(d) It illustrates honesty.

2. What is Yezad's explanation for the extra money?
(a) He tells Roxana she must have miscounted.
(b) He says he has worked overtime.
(c) He says maybe Mr. Kapur paid him extra commissions.
(d) He admits to playing Matka.

3. What reason does Coomy give to convince Roxana to let her father move in?
(a) She says it will help avoid depression.
(b) She says Jal cannot take it any longer.
(c) She says Nariman likes Roxana better.
(d) She says it is only fair that they share responsibility.

4. What does Husain do when he is having a "bad" day?
(a) He does not show up for work.
(b) He sits in a corner and cries.
(c) He follows Yezad around and mutters.
(d) He cowers in the storeroom.

5. What is Mr. Kapur passionate about collecting?
(a) Photographs of animals.
(b) Photographs of the city.
(c) Photographs of people.
(d) Photographs of the mountains.

Short Answer Questions

1. In a flashback, Nariman recalls a person who makes him happy. Who is it?

2. How does Coomy hope to combat the smell of Nariman's bowel movements?

3. What is characteristic of the Shiv Sena?

4. How does Yezad get to work?

5. How much extra money does Roxana find in the budget envelopes?

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