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Chateau Felicity

This is a comfortable seven-room flat in a good part of town.

Pleasant Villa

This is a two-room flat in a run-down building.

Bombay Sporting Goods Emporium

This store boasts an elaborate Christmas display with a mechanized Santa.

St. Xavier's School

This place where Murad and Jehangir study is run by Jesuit priests.

The Fire Temple

This is a place where Yezad begins to recall prayers and the training he received as a child.

Budget Envelopes

This is a family money-management system.

Incense Burners, Afargaan, and Thurible

These objects are important for religious observances.

Bedpan and Urinal

These objects are important to the care of Nariman.

Public Transportation

This allows the Chenoy family to move about the city.


These items are a Christmas present to Yezad.

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