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Chapter 1

• Nariman Vakeel and his stepchildren Coomy and Jal are introduced.

• Nariman's daughter Roxana and her family come to celebrate Nariman's seventy-ninth birthday.
• A flashback shows that Nariman was forced to marry Yasmin and give up Lucy, the woman he truly loved.

• Nariman has been a good father to his children.

Chapter 2

• Parkinson's disease makes it difficult for Nariman to get around.

• Nariman and his grandsons exchange their special greetings.

• Yezad makes fun of Coomy's ritual with incense.
• Roxana and Yezad tell their sons that Nariman could not marry his first love, Lucy, because she was not Parsi.

• Jehangir reveals his plan to someday write a book about the Chenoy and Vakeel familis.

Chapter 3

• Nariman breaks his ankle when he goes for a walk.

• Two professionals at the hospital ask for Nariman's advice, showing he is well respected in the community.
• Coomy buys a commode instead of the...

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