Fallout Character Descriptions

Ellen Hopkins
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Hunter Seth Haskins

This character was conceived during a rape while both his biological parents were high on crank.

Autumn Rose Shepherd

This character was taken from her parents by her aunt when she was only two years old while her parents served time in prison.

Summer Lily Kenwood

This character has suffered abuse at the hands of her father's girlfriend, has been sexually assaulted by a foster father, and placed in a position where she had to deal with her mother's embarrassing behavior while high on crank.

Marie Haskins

This character is a writer who has written a fictional account of her daughter's life, something that has made her famous and brought some amount of fame to her family.

Scott Haskins

This character became the protagonist's stepfather when she was five, making him the only stable father figure she has ever known.

Kristina Snow Shepherd

This character...

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