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Ellen Hopkins
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• Fallout is the third in the Crank series by Ellen Hopkins; the Crank series is a series of books about Kristina Snow, a young girl who was introduced to crank at a young age.

• Although Kristina tried repeatedly to break the addiction, she failed and continues to be an addict.

• Fallout focuses on three of Kristina's five children.
• The eldest of Kristina's five children, Hunter was adopted by Kristina's parents, author Marie Haskins and her second husband, Scott.

• Hunter is in college and has a wonderful girlfriend, Nikki, whom he loves very much.

• However, Hunter is haunted by his genetic past, aware that his mother claims his father raped her.
• Nikki is upset because her parents are divorcing and Hunter tries to be sympathetic but is thinking constantly that at least Nikki knows who her father is.

• Then Nikki, who has just learned her father is...

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