Objects & Places from Fall on Your Knees

Ann-Marie MacDonald
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Low Point/New Waterford - This is the small town on Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia, Canada, where James and Materia are first married.

New York City, New York - This is where Kathleen goes to study voice when she is eighteen years old; it also symbolizes success for the Piper family.

Number 12 Colliery - This is the main coal mine on Cape Breton Island where James goes to work as a scab.

Empire Theatre - This is the movie theater where Materia gets a job as an accompanist.

The scarecrow - This is James's places in the garden and is the symbol for both Kathleen and Frances of their father's abuse.

Trixie - This is the stray cat that Frances adopts.

The Piper Garden and Creek - This is started by James to save money by growing food at home.

The Old French Mine -...

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