Fall on Your Knees Fun Activities

Ann-Marie MacDonald
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Family Tree

Create two family trees for the Piper family, one reflecting Mercedes' beliefs of how the family was formed, and one reflecting how the family was actually formed. What is the same about these family trees? What is different? Write up a short report of your theories.


Do some research about the history of speakeasies in the United States during prohibition. How do you see these classic establishments reflected in the novel? Do you think this is an accurate representation? Why or why not? Write up a short report of your theories.

Other Works

Choose another play or novel written by Ann-Marie MacDonald and compare / contrast the writing style MacDonald employs in the storytelling. What messages are the same in both pieces of her work? What messages are different? Write a short report of your findings citing examples from both texts to strengthen your arguments.

Letter to the Author

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