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Cyn Balog
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who forges the note for the second trip to the principal's office?
(a) Tanner.
(b) Scab.
(c) Pip.
(d) Cam.

2. What does Morgan have a mental breakdown about?
(a) Cam not being in her future.
(b) The fact that fairies are real.
(c) Having to get to know Pip.
(d) The truth about her visions.

3. Why is Morgan sent to the office?
(a) She says a bad word.
(b) She yells at another class member.
(c) She falls asleep in class.
(d) She is late for class.

4. Why does Morgan end up going back to class after talking to Cam in the empty classroom?
(a) He makes her promise.
(b) She gets mad at him.
(c) Cam disappears.
(d) She has a vision.

5. What does Cam use to make the fortune cookie for Morgan?
(a) A spell.
(b) A store.
(c) A forge.
(d) A wand.

6. What does Morgan notice at the football game that nobody else does?
(a) Cam disappeared for a moment.
(b) Cam flew.
(c) Cam winked at her.
(d) Cam cheated.

7. What is different about Cam when Morgan hugs him?
(a) He is shorter.
(b) He is taller.
(c) He is thinner.
(d) He smells different.

8. How did Cam's older brother die?
(a) He was murdered.
(b) At war.
(c) He killed himself.
(d) He got sick.

9. What makes Morgan cry when she sees Cam the day after the football game?
(a) She knows he wants to dump her.
(b) She recognizes the vision from the night before.
(c) She is scared for him.
(d) She feels guilty.

10. What about Pip does Morgan feel she has to protect?
(a) His innocence.
(b) His reputation.
(c) His knowledge.
(d) His feelings.

11. What does Morgan's mom see Cam's mom doing the night of the football game?
(a) Sending a package.
(b) Digging a hole in the backyard.
(c) Welcoming a young man with a suitcase to the house.
(d) Mowing her lawn in the dark.

12. Who told the teacher about the new boy?
(a) Mrs. Sparks.
(b) Morgan.
(c) Cam.
(d) Eden.

13. What can fairies do on their 16th birthday that they can't do any other time?
(a) Feel real emotions.
(b) Speak to humans.
(c) Make a choice for their future.
(d) Pass through the portal between worlds.

14. What is the boy at the locker's name?
(a) Po.
(b) Paul.
(c) Pete.
(d) Pip.

15. What does Cam say Dawn promised not to do?
(a) Marry Cam.
(b) Take Cam too soon.
(c) Harm Morgan.
(d) Reveal too much.

Short Answer Questions

1. What allows Morgan to go to sleep the night after the football game?

2. How does Morgan feel on her second trip to the principal's office?

3. What can kill fairies?

4. Where does Cam take Morgan to talk without Dawn hearing them?

5. Who is Pip talking to when he speaks to a spot under his nose?

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