Objects & Places from Fairy Tale

Cyn Balog
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New Jersey

This is the main setting of "Fairy Tale" and this is where the action occurs. Morgan and Cam live next door to one another in New Jersey.


This is the magic world where fairies live.

J. P. Stevens High School

Much of the action occurs in this place, such as Morgan meeting Pip and learning that Cam is a fairy.

Parsonage Diner

The football team and fans celebrate here after every win.

Green Toad

This is a fancy restaurant in the city that Morgan and Cam's parents rent for their joint sixteenth birthday party.

Tahiti Room

This is the ballroom that a dance for a birthday party is held in.

Taco Bell

Morgan takes Pip here to ask him about fairies and their weaknesses. Pip devours a lot of food while they are there.


Morgan takes Pip shopping here to help him look like...

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