Fairy Tale Character Descriptions

Cyn Balog
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Morgan Sparks

This character is fifteen years old and an average-looking girl who happens to be psychic and to have a seemingly perfect boyfriend.

Cameron Browne

This character is the star quarterback at their high school, and the local newspaper praises his ability to do anything.

Pip Merriweather

This character was raised in Otherworld, and does not fit in with the students at J. P. Stevens High School.

Eden McCarthy

This character has a strong school spirit and a crush on a guy everyone says is gay.

Sierra Martin

This character is a senior girl who is distraught when a vision shows her at the local community college because she has been bred for Harvard.

Sara Phillips

This character is a snobby cheerleader.


This character is the fairy who comes to New Jersey to take someone back to Otherworld.

Mike Kensington

This character is the football player...

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