Fairy Tale Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Cyn Balog
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Section 1: Chapters 1 & 2

• Morgan is a Junior in High School who has the psychic ability to see the future. Sierra is mad when Morgan tells her she is going to community college instead of Harvard.

• Eden, Morgan's best friend, convinces Morgan to cheer for the football team and Cam, her boyfriend, even though Morgan already knows they will win.

• Eden has a crush on Kevin, a football player that Morgan thinks is gay.

• Cam makes the winning touchdown, and it looks to Moran like he flies at the end, but nobody else notices this.
• The team goes to a diner to celebrate the win. Cam reveals that Morgan knew all along the final score of the game.

• Morgan talks about her and Cam's 16th birthday party the next weekend. Cam doesn't seem excited and leaves.

• Sara comes in and Scab tries to ask Morgan if he will be with...

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