Fahrenheit 451 Character Descriptions

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Captain Beatty

This character is the head Fireman who takes great delight in witnessing his comrades’ fall from grace.


This character is a Fireman whose house is planted with an illegal book at the end of the novel.

Mrs. Bowles

This character has a fascination with her Caesarian births.

Fred Clement

This character is a former English Professor at Cambridge University who now lives on the run in the woods.

Professor Faber

This character feels like a coward for not standing up to the Firemen early in his life, so he devises a bullet-shaped electronic devise to communicate about books with other literature lovers.


This character offers a fugitive a drink to change the chemicals in his perspiration, making him harder to track.

Clarisse McClellan

This character is a teenage girl who represents innocence, and who is believed to have been killed when she disappears from...

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