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Part 1: The Hearth and the Salamander

• Guy Montag is a “Fireman” who creates fires rather than putting them out.

• Montag and his comrades are sent to set books on fire in the middle of the night; in his world, literature is loathed.

• On his way home from work one evening, Montag meets his intriguing seventeen-year-old neighbor, Clarisse McClellan.

• Clarisse and her family are very different from most and while receptive to it, Montag is taken aback by her candidness, particularly when she asks if he is happy.

• When Montag returns home, it appears as if he is hiding something under his ventilator grille.

• Montag discovers that his wife has overdosed on sleeping pills, and he calls the “Emergency Hospital” to revive her.

• After his wife is revived from her suicide attempt, Montag takes a sleeping pill and falls asleep thinking about Clarisse.

• The next morning, Montag and his...

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